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Summarizing the Structure of the Pizza Ontology: Ontology Development with Partial-area Taxonomies and the Ontology Abstraction Framework
Written by Christopher Ochs, James Geller, and Yehoshua Perl
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The Pizza Ontology Tutorial, which was written by Manchester University, is the definitive guide to developing Web Ontology Language (OWL) format ontologies using the Protégé ontology editing tool. The Pizza Ontology Tutorial reviews the various features available in OWL and Protégé. In this document, we build on the Pizza ontology tutorial. We introduce the reader to the theory and applications of Partial-area Taxonomies. A Partial-area Taxonomy is an algorithmically derived summary of an ontology. Specifically, a Partial-area Taxonomy represents major groups of structurally and semantically similar classes of an ontology. Partial-area Taxonomies are usually much smaller than the ontologies that they summarize. This guide describes the use of our software tool, the Ontology Abstraction Framework (OAF) Plugin for Protege 5. The guide follows the Manchester Pizza Ontology Tutorial step by step and illustrates how each step of developing the Pizza Ontology is reflected in the Partial-area Taxonomy created from the Pizza Ontology. Images in this guide are screen dumps from the OAF Plugin.

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